Monday, October 10, 2011

NEW YORK - Day 4 Final Performance & Strawberry Fields

Monik leading the way on our walk-about before heading to the theatre

Notice the Cirque du Soleil poster on the left.

The famous Penn Station. What a maze....I got lost in it twice! haha!
Any and all surfaces are used by Producers to advertise in this town!!

Avenue of the AMERICAS

After the positive experience we all enjoyed this weekend, we feel like we could be part of this club!
Bravo la gang de Armadillo Acres!

You are now entering the Fashion District - clever!

During my visit, I realised how much I love steet signs

I wish I had pictures from the show to post but it was such a whirlwind of activity once we entered the theatre, I couldn't concentrate on capturing wonderful backstage moments.

Gillie - sound tech

Susan and Herrick taking a much deserved break.

Closing Party
A beer and an order of fish and chips to celebrate our successful visit to NYC

With Stephanie - our "Pickles"

Pierre (Norbert) and Pierre (the "thief")

Classy choreographer Lorna

Simon - production assistant
After we feasted on pub fare we headed off our separate ways for a couple of hours. Some met up again to see Avenue Q while others - myself included - saw This One Girl's Story. It's part of the NYMF line-up of amazing shows.  I was totally blown away by the magnificient voices of the cast! I was so happy to have been invited to attend as were the rest of our group.

Afterwards, Pierre (Norbert) and I walked over to Central Park and joined the crowd gathered there to celebrate John Lennon's birthday. It was an emotional experience.

The Dakota - directly across from Central Park

John Lennon 
9 October 1940 - 8 December 1980

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