Monday, September 26, 2011

Blogging the New York Experience....

Hello my blog-hopping peeps!

Although we have met at different times over the summer, Saturday was an official full day of rehearsal with the cast and creative team of Ma Femme, Ma Blonde et Ma Roulotte. What a blast!

Our day started with an intense hour with costume designer Andreane. She's wonderful and understanding of our needs. The experience proved to be painless and fun - well, except for the sight of her measuring tape and my urge to run from it!
(Seriously regretting the delicious backyard bbqs I enjoyed with abandon this summer...yikes! LOL!)

After we rechecked our props list, we all entered the rehearsal hall and stepped into our familiar CETM performance space.

We rallied at the edge of the stage and mapped out our plans as the dimensions of the Barrow Group Theatre in NY are different from L'espace Libre, where our show was presented in Montreal last summer. Once we got ourselves settled, Maxime - our musical director - began the opening musical number and "voila"...7 hours of rehearsal fun began!

As I mentioned in an earlier post this summer, the old gang is back - with a new exotic dancer to work into the show. Danica - a fiery and talented performer joins us for this leg of our Trailer Park journey. We're thrilled to have her!

Sunday we got together for a "run-through" of the show. It went very well with everyone falling right into the Stark, Florida groove.

As we excitedly prepare for the big adventure, we must keep in mind this coming Sunday October 2nd, we'll be presenting this version of the show at Maison de la Culture Frontenac (2550, rue Ontario Est, Montreal - for my Montreal blogging buddies) as part of the free events scheduled for Journées de la Culture. At this educational presentation, Stephen Pietrantoni - our director - will be answering questions from the audience before the show with cast members joining him after the closing number to do the same.

The challenge about this space is that the stage is TWICE the size of the one we'll be cutting-a-rug on in NY...hmm. This is a technicality I'm sure will be dealt with easily - but I'm glad its the director's job to figure it out! LOL! Looking forward to donning my lavender bathrobe again to perform the show for our wonderful Montreal audience before we take it to the city that never sleeps.

Now, because I've been asked to share pictures and tales of our adventure, I decided I go a step further by documenting as much of this experience as possible on my blog. So, every day from October 6th to October 10, I'll post pictures and let you know what the residents of Armadillo Acres are doing in The Big Apple.
If anyone would like to see October 2nd's presentation, tickets are free. They must be picked up at Maison de la Culture Frontenac 2550, rue Ontario Est. Call 514 872-7882 for box office hours and more information.

If anyone would like to see us present the show at the New York Musical Theatre festival just check out this link for times and ticket info. There are two musical clips available, the opening number and one of my songs, "Panique".

Have a fabulous week!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blog Awards....who me??

I have awesome friends. I am blessed! That said I'd like to share with you the news that I've been awarded some mighty fine blogger awards by one of them! WooHoo!!

The following two blog awards were given to me by one of the funniest, most talented writer friends I've made at the OWG (online writing group) at Kelley Armstrong's site - her name is Tammy Crosby - and she puts a smile on my face everyday with her wit! God bless her!

The first award is

Apparently this award entitles me to be a member of a friendly little group. Like all groups, there are rules:

1st RULE: You do not talk about Puppy Club.

2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about Puppy Club.

3rd RULE: You talk about 5 books/films/TV shows you’ve read or watched in the last 12 months.

1) Crazy, Stupid Love: Yes, it was crazy, stupid and I loved it! Steve Carell - just looking at his face make me smile.

2) Deathly Hallows part 2: Like Tammy who nominated me (and almost everyone else in the Puppy club...oops just broke the first rule! darn!) I absolutely loved this film. The moment Voldemort lifted the Elder wand from Dumbledore's grasp, tears started running down my face because I knew it was the beginning of the end of an incredible cinematic journey!

3) ShadowFever: The fifth and final book in Karen Marie Moning's Fever series. Long-awaited and much appreciated. Word came out two weeks ago that Dreamworks obtained the rights to turn the books into films! Oh yes Jericho Barrons in the flesh...thank you very much!

4) Sin and Syntax: My line editor Ellee Braun recommended this book to me. It was the first purchase I made on my brand new KOBO. The tagline tells me I will now be crafting wickedly effective prose. I can't wait!

5) The only show I watch, religiously, is TRUE BLOOD. I prefer the storyline in the book series, but man to see your characters come to life on screen is like..."eye-candy"...Yummy!


There are two simple rules that accompany this award:

1. Share “7″ facts about yourself
2. Pass this award on to other deserving blog owners. (official rules say 15 others, Tammy whittled it down to 4. I need to gather more blogger friends before I can nominate any because all mine have already been given these awards! LOL!)

1: I married my high-school sweetheart* when I was 21. On November 1st, we're celebrating 25 years of marriage. (* I say high-school sweetheart but I actually fell for him in the 5th grade. We started dating a month before high-school graduation)

2. As much as I'm out-and-about in the world, nothing makes me happier than to stay home with my family, have a good dinner, read a good book , watch a movie (or catch the lastest episode of True Blood, alone, with the phone turned off...)

3.Although, I'm hired to entertain for all kinds of wonderful celebrations and produce some fun musical events, when it comes to important celebrations in my own life, I like things simple. Minimal frills, a tiny bit of pomp, not too much circumstance - but lots of family and friends!

4. Cathy Napper has been my best friend since we were 5. She knows everything about me - EVERYTHING - and no, I'm not giving out her contact details! HAHA!

5. Age has never been an issue for me but the truth is I'm beginning to worry about getting older. I know it's silly but I wish I could I'd be 25 forever.

6. I love the internet and being on the computer. I'm addicted - I think. I might have to buy a special chair to enhance the experience or to save my butt from going completely flat! LOL!

7. This fact is exciting for me. I'll be performing on Broadway in October. (Well, okay, technically it's not Broadway, more like off-Broadway at the TBG theater. Apparently, Anne Hathaway got her start there.) The way I see it, it's New York City my blog-hopping friends!! Can you hear me Woot-Wooting?!

Tammy, this was fun. Thank you for bestowing upon me the two honours.

If I could I'd nominate you, too! Cause you're cute, lovely and mighty funny!

While I'm at it, I'll shout out the names of a few other people I'd nominate:

Patricia Hollett
My OWG friend from day one. She was the first to read Deathly Quiet - the second after I typed the last period - and who urged me to "go for it!" She is the best cheerleader and a wonderful writer!!!

J.D. Waye
A new OWG friend whose writing leaves me breathless.

Anne Michaud
Another new friend from the OWG who's witty, loaded with dark talent, and filled with a warm heart.

Oh yes, I'd like to mention...especially after reading her acceptance of the Minions of Misery Award, and answering a question at Tammy's blog, Angela Addams, in my opinion, is a mystery that would be very interesting to unravel! LOL!

Bye y'all!

Deathly Quiet Book Cover Art and Trailer

I just had to share this with you !

"Deathly Quiet"
by Lisa Forget

Available at MuseItUp Publishing November 18th 2011.

Book cover art by Mike Zambrano
Content Editor Christine I. Speakman
Line Editor Ellee Braun

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Book Trailer

Friday, September 9, 2011

Social Networking and Reconnecting with Blasts from your Past

After some thought, I know who to blame for my addiction to Facebook-- Christy Taylor!

Christy is a dear, talented, generous, wonderful friend who I met during our time with Les Miserables. She's my theatre sista! And one of the best and most dynamic vocal teacher/coaches in Toronto! A few years ago she emailed me, saying I just had to get on Facebook because many of our theatre friends had joined and everyone was reconnecting.

Facebook? What the heck was that?? LOL! I would soon find out.

After hearing more about it, I couldn't pass up the fun. I logged on, uploaded a profile picture and within hours friends found me and I found them, too. It's been such a wonderful experience.

Most recently, I had the wildest thing happen. I received a friend request from someone I played music with when I was 16! Mars was the lead guitarist for our rock band called "Paradox". I'd lost touch with him and the rest of the band once I graduated high school and entered CEGEP (college). There were no quarrels, no unamicable band break-up, just a group of young adults heading down their separate paths.

Over the years I have wondered about the four other members of the band. I mean, before joining their group I was singing in the choir and performing ballads by Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion in shiny pink dresses, so of course the experience of singing rock tunes with four cool guys with guitars strapped to their backs and drumsticks in their pockets, while belting out songs by Pat Benatar and learning how to play bass (for a couple of songs), would leave an impression and some wonderful memories.

So...when I received the "friend" request, I was floored! It took a second to realize I hadn't exchanged one word with this person in 30 years!

30 years....WOW. Definitely, a blast from the past!

Thanks to the wonder of cyberspace and the popularity of social networking, we have reconnected. Not only have we exchanged messages and kudos for the accomplishments we've made over the years - we're also collaborating on a song to mark our reconnecting.

With the help of my longtime collaborator and husband Shawn I will soon be laying down the vocals for a song Mars Alexander and I wrote.

"Making Music in the Night"
Lyrics by Lisa Forget
Music by Mars Alexander

Shawn says Mars' music has a great "hook" so I'm thinking we did good!

I'll update you on the song's progress.

Thank you Christy for making sure I "got with the times" and hooked me up with Facebook! :) I'd also like to thank you for making sure this writer and avid reader is up-to-date with technology....I LOVE MY KOBO E-READER!!!! You're too generous. You're an angel!!! xx

Wonderful stories of finding friends and reconnecting happen all over Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.

Do you have a story you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about it!

Take care my blog-hopping friends!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8 is International Literacy Day

Hi Everyone!
Passing on this information sent to me by my sister-in-law Corinne Murphy who is also a writer and one of my mentors. I've included her message to we family and friends she contacted.

Klahowya folksies!

If you plan to shop at Chapters any time soon, please consider this event. Literacy Unlimited is a very, very well-deserving English language charitable organization that has helped many people learn how to read. What is more important than learning how to read? Who would any of us be had it not been for the fact that we learned to read as tiny children? I shudder to imagine...but then again I wouldn't have the keen imagination I have cultivated without the incalculable and delicious hours I've spent bent over a lifetime of wonderful stories, so the point is moot.

Just doing my little tiny itty bit to bring light to the world...
Corinne Murphy

Here's the official invitation from Chapters/Indigo:
Thursday, September 8 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Chapters Indigo, 6321 Trans-Canada, Pointe-Claire

Come out and join us for a fun evening to celebrate International Literacy Day. Shop for your back-to-school supplies, pick up a gift for a friend, or get an early start on your holiday shopping. On this special evening at Chapters Pointe-Claire, for every purchase of in-store,regularly priced merchandise, 10% of the “before tax” total will be donated to Literacy
Unlimited. Note that all discount programs (i.e. bestseller discounts, iRewards, Heather’s Picks, any promotional discounts), "Love of Reading" products and gift card purchases arenot included in this fundraiser.

There will be two draws for door prizes ($25 Chapters gift certificate) – one at 7:00 p.m. and one at 8:00 p.m. You must be present in the store to win.

If possible, print and fill out the ballots below.
Extra copies of both will be available in the store. When you arrive, please ensure that you register at the LU registration desk. For more information,
please e-mail

So my blog-hopping friends, take the hand of a child you love and read to him/her. Offer a classic to a teenager or young adult - they just might like it! Take the time to open a book today and lose yourself to it's wonder and enjoy.