Saturday, October 8, 2011

New York - Day 2

Good Morning!!

For those who've never been to New York City, let me show you what it feels like....
This sums up the "feel" of NYC. High and purposeful energy all day, every day!

After a hearty brunch at Zabars on Broadway and West 80th, running personal errands, taking in a bit of the sights, we all made our way to Carroll's Music Studios on West 55th Street. |Monik, our wonderfully funny Betty, joined us there after producing her morning show on 105.7 Rythme FM in Montreal.
Carroll Music Studios West 55th St. Manhattan

Studio 3 - we spend most of the day here
The band working through the score with NY bassist Don

Stephen going through the plan for the day
After the meeting with our director, we set to work doing an "Italian" of the show while the band worked in our NY bassist Don. An Italian - for those who might not know - is basically speaking through the show without music, singing or movement. After the Italian, we moved into Studio 3 and began an intense music rehearsal.
Sarah, Eve & Pierre looking through the NYMF program

Monik, Tina, Stephanie and Maxime work through some harmonies

Sweet sound from the Trailer Park Ladies

The Great American TV Show

Yes, I'm really here...I still can't believe it!!

Danica belting out her song

Pierre and I working through "Gardien de mon Coeur"

Ken - Guitar & Don - Bass

Paul on Drums
After a long day we all headed back to the hotel. Monik and I had a couple of giggles in our shared room before the world went dark and I drifted to sleep.

Now, here I am in the hotel lounge typing this out before I'll jump in the shower and then make my way back out to Broadway. We'll grab another hearty breakfast at Zabars and then take the #1 down to Penn Station to the TBG theatre for our first presentation of Ma Femme Ma Blonde et Ma Roulotte!!

Talk to you all later my blog-hopping peeps!!

xx Lisa


sisterofbookfever said...

Love it! It's almost like we're there with you. Love the first pic. It really symbolizes N.Y.'s hustle and bustle. Looks like everyone's ready to take on Broadway! So, as they say in french before a show, "Merde!". (For those of you who are wondering, it's the equivalent of "Break A Leg".) Love, Christine xo

Pat Hollett said...

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing these pics Lisa. Like Christine said, it's almost like being there with you. Wonderful pictures. Looks like you're having a great time. :)

Lisa Forget said...

Finally getting to replying to your wonderfully sweet comments Christine and Pat!

That pic is really the way I felt standing in the hustle and bustle of Times Square. I swear it was lit up so, it looked like it was daytime!!

We had a blast - no doubt about it! Memories that'll last a good long time!

xx Lisa