Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chatting with writer Anne Michaud & the Joys of Journals

  My first interview as a writer! 

I loved discussing with Anne my inspiration for writing Deathly Quiet. Revisiting the emotions behind the story - those childhood feelings weaved into a dark tale set on an eerie, historical Montreal street.

Check it out...

Chatting with Lisa Forget

If you haven't seen my mention of it on Facebook, someone broke into our house last week and stole mine and my daughter's laptops, among other things (the list grows whenever we go looking for something...)

Like so many friends and relatives who've also experienced the violation of a stranger's intrusion, I'm sick about it on so many levels. I won't bore you with my innermost feelings, nor will I tell you what I think about the lost soul who busted through our back window. I will say, however, this incident has left me without my most useful writing tool - my old clunker of a laptop.

Without it I've felt disconnected from writing because typing my ideas is so instantaneous and the finished product is so versatile; once you write your piece you can move things around, cut and paste, undo and redo, send it to your writing buddies to beta read, crit, edit, cross your fingers and submit the file to publishers, or you can just store it on your usb for safe-keeping. I loved my laptop.

After a couple of days of not writing (not only because of above-mentioned lack of tool, but because of a recent work-related situation taking up much of my time), my brain felt like it would explode, so I picked up a pencil and a lovely leather-bound journal my husband gave me a while back and I started to jot down the ideas threatening to burst from my head.

Like magic...I immediately felt better.

My newest untitled story has come to life using a plain old HB pencil! How simple...I'm almost embarrassed.

I can write my stories in this way, anywhere. Standing at the bus stop, riding the metro, waiting in the car, sitting on my front door step - and they don't sell used journals at your local pawn shop!

Eventually, I'll transcribe my entries, but for now, I've rediscovered the beauty of thoughts flowing through a writing implement - just like we experienced as kids.

Don't forget, if you have something dark to share, consider submitting it to Bleeding Ink - a Collection of Dark Tales I'm having a blast reading through recent submissions. Looking forward to reading yours.

May your Muse inspire you....

One third of The InkBabes

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Daily Flash 2012 - the Leap Year Edition!

Woohoo! It's finally here! I'm thrilled to be a contributor of this anthology. My pieces are entitled: Reclaimed, Thief, Ascension, and The Whispers.

I'm in some mighty fine company as many of my online writing group friends have contributed as well!

Tammy Crosby ~ Pat Hollett ~ Anne C Michaud ~ JD Waye ~ to name a few...

Daily Flash 2012 can be purchased at Pill Hill Press and on Amazon.

I can't wait to get my hard copy of this anthology and have "the gang" sign it!

While I'm on the subject of anthologies, I'd like to remind you about my collaboration with Pat Hollett and Tammy Crosby compiling wonderfully dark and delicious stories from 6 words to 5K for Bleeding Ink - a collection of dark tales. For those of you who love writing dark tales, please check out our INKBABES site for all the juicy info regarding submission guidelines and specifics. We are Ever Yours...

May your Muse inspire....