Friday, February 24, 2012



That's how I feel about today's release of  LEAPLING,  my Young Adult Fantasy (with a side of Sci-Fi and a dash of romance) short-story.

Edited by Christine I Speakman and Ellee Braun, with cover-art by C.K. Volnek, this is my second work published with Canadian publishing company, MuseItUp.

February 29th is five days away, but you can find out how important the date is to Leapling, Evey Jones, by clicking here  My publisher, Lea Schizas, is offering a special release-week special!

Oh, by the way...

Sometimes, when receiving submissions, we receive the strangest cover letters. You might like to visit the Bleeding Ink site  where we've posted an example of one.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LEAPLING being released this month!

Every time, it’s a near-death experience.
Apparently, it’s my destiny.
Destiny sucks.

I'm thrilled to show off the gorgeous cover of my YA story LEAPLING - being released this month at MuseItUp Publishing - created by the talented C.K. Volnek.

I had the pleasure of working again with
Content Editor Christine I. Speakman and Line Editor Ellee Braun.

Here's the blurb:

Fifteen-year-old Evey Jones is a Leapling — born on the leap day in a leap year. As she approaches her sixteenth birthday, she fills her journal with the strange and deadly things that have happened to her every February 29th, including her encounter with a Shadow, a terrifying creature haunting her dreams since she was a little girl. As she faces her fears, Evey finally finds out why she’s been plagued with near-death experiences every Leap Year, and discovers the role she's expected to play when an alien race puts into action their plan for the birth of a whole new world on Earth — that is, if she’ll except her destiny and Adam, the alien prince who comes along with the deal.

Here's an Excerpt:

...My mind began to slip into blackness.
I am about to die.
From a distance, I heard a roar.
My attackers must have heard it, as well, because my body stilled.
Then my mind cleared, and silence replaced the angry whispers filling my head. Pain no longer gripped me. My body relaxed. I floated on calm waters.
I’d been rescued.
When I opened my eyes, a brilliant burst of colors reflected in the mirror on the far wall, blinding me. I blinked, and two figures came into focus.
The first was me.
The second was a winged creature cradling me in its arms,
murmuring something unintelligible in soothing, melodic tones.

by Lisa Forget
Available at MuseItUp Publishing February 2012

Also Available at MuseItUp, Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and other online booksellers:


Thank you to everyone's words of encouragment!
They mean the world to me!!