Sunday, October 9, 2011

NEW YORK - Day 3 Dress Rehearsal and Opening Night

A big hello from the Big Apple.

Opening night was a blast. Full house, high energy, lots of great memories. When I have a little more time I'll post more pics. We were insanely busy but Pierre, Monik and I made some time to have a hearty breakfast and a little shopping nearby.                   

                                Zabars! The official breakfast nook for us Trailer Parkers. Excellent coffee and hearty breakie!!

A little shopping before getting to the theatre

The Barrows Group Theatre
Look up....look waaaay up - TBG theatre

Yes Monik and Pierre, we're here!!
Up please!

Bare stage without our set

Ou rNew York Producer - Hillary Cutter

Betty and Ginny - the very best of Trailer Park friends!


sisterofbookfever said...

Was awaiting your entry with baited breath!! Sooooo happy you got a full house! I never doubted it! Will be waiting with turkey and all the fixings. Enjoy the few moments left in The Big Apple! See u soon. Christine and Mom xo.

T. Crosby said...

Congrats on your big day!!!! Soooo happy for you I lemme get that. Anyways did you SEE the smile on your ALDO bag??? lmao I died laughing! So funny.

Lisa Forget said...

Thanks Christine, Mom and Tammy for following along on this whirlwind of an experience!

Wifi in the hotel was wonky sometimes letting me post and other times not...definitely uploading was at a snail's pace. Anyhoo, just getting to replying to you all!

LMAO! I hadn't noticed the smile at first Tammy. Once I did, I also had a good ole chuckle!

xx Lisa