Thursday, August 9, 2012

What is she doing now??

With my Cirque du Soliel project wrapped up for the summer, I now have some time to be doing things I'd put on that virtual back burner.

First off, enjoying some time with my daughters and my husband. I'm blessed. They keep me entertained, exasperated but feeling oh, so alive!

I'm having a blast posting the Bleeding Ink Author Spotlights, as one of the three Ink Babes. I encourage you to check out today's spotlight as well as the past spotlights. There's a new author spotlight every three days right through to September 5th. If you post a comment (even just a hello or word of encouragement) you have a chance to win a copy of the anthology, Bleeding Ink - A Collection of Dark Tales. 

We Ink Babes are grinning deliciously from ear to ear about the reviews coming in at Smashwords about this collection. "...creepy and wonderfully dark." "A must read!"

On August 2nd, Tammy Crosby and I (2 of the 3 Ink Babes) did a internet-radio interview with Jay Faulkner, on Following the Nerd Radio all about Bleeding Ink. Broadcast live from Co. Down, Ireland, this was a so much fun for me personally, as those of you who know me understand how much I love the Irish people (as they are such an important part of my life here in Montreal), the idea that my feet have never touched Irish soil, yet my voice resonated in the cyber air above it, sent a thrill right through me, I'm sure I babbled like a nervous fool! LOL! A podcast of the interview should be posted sometime soon. I haven't heard it yet, but look forward to it.

I'm working on the last draft of my novel, Bound, which I plan to submit to my publishers, MuseItUp, in the fall. (where you'll find my short-stories, Deathly Quiet, and Leapling)

And then there's the big project I'm working on - Lisa Forget - In Concert. It's something I've been wanting to do for so long. I've taken the first steps by securing musicians, 2 guest artists and contacting the venue.  I'm looking at late-October. Plans will be solidified by this time next week.  I'll be sure to let you all know, here, and on other social networks.

Perhaps you might like to join me for what I promise will be a night filled with beautiful music.

Before I sign off, this would probably be a good time to mention that on September 15th, I will be inducted in the Pointe St-Charles Hall of Recognition  for my involvement with the community. I'm absolutely delighted by this honour taking place at the YMCA Pointe St-Charles. Tickets are $35 with funds going to scholarships awarded at the event. Four other people/organizations - including Aces Footfall - will be inducted as well. If you're interested in attending, just let me know and I will pass your ticket purchase request to the committee.

I wish you all a wonderful day and rest of the week.

May your muses inspire....


Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Prince and the Pauper TONIGHT!

Good Morning my Blogger Buddies!

Le Prince et Le Pauvre is a show I was introduced to while working on The Great American Trailer Park Musical. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to perform one of the songs from the show at an event hosted by CETM (The Centre for Education and Theatre in Montreal) the organisation behind The Next Wave Festival

A presentation of this delightful musical is being presented tonight at L'espace Libre at 8:15pm, as part of the festival's August line-up. 

I'm posting this very nice review the show got in New York City, sent to me yesterday by my dear friend, CETM's very own director/producer/performer Stephen Pietrantoni.

To obtain more information on Le Prince et Le Pauvre/The Prince and the Pauper, click HERE

Be sure to check the Next Wave Festival link for their full August theatre schedule.

New York City Review by Oscar E. Moore
Based on Mark Twain’s story of switched identities and performed in French with simultaneous English translations of dialogue and songs projected on a Samsung monitor, Le Prince et Le Paurve (The Prince and the Pauper) is a charming, tuneful and most satisfying surprise at the Midtown International Fringe Festival.

A beautiful yet simple production, an Oliver! meets Les Miz - Le Prince et Le Pauvre boasts an incredibly melodic score played to the hilt by an on stage orchestra of five which includes Piano (David Terriault), Violin (Vincent Kim), Clarinet (Emilie Chamberland), Keyboard-percussion (Chris Barillaro) and by favorite French horn (Fanny Ladouceur).

The music, orchestrations and original stage direction by Julien Salvia are quite amazing for this low budget production that unfortunately played a mere three performances at the June Havoc Theatre as part of the Festival.

Le Prince et Le Pauvre has also been performed in Paris where it won the prestigious “Marius Award” for Best “family-oriented” Musical 2008 and also at the Centre for Education and Theatre in Montreal.  A very well deserved award, I might add.

The English adaptation by Michael Conley is based on the book and lyrics by Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal which adheres closely to the original text by Twain hitting all the major plot points in this two hour musical that has an excellent ensemble.
London. 1549. St. George’s Day.  Henry VIII’s son Edward (Emilie Allard) accidentally meets Tom Canty (Caroline Mailhot) a poor beggar who has an abusive father (Simon Chausse) and a loving mother (Nathalie Niesing).  It’s incredible how much the two young ladies look like one another playing the two young men and both singing magnificently and believably becoming the two who want to discover how the other lives.

There is the villain of the piece, Lord Hertford (Serge Turcotte) Edward’s uncle who hopes to make a puppet of the boy once he becomes King having himself made guardian of the young boy.  His silly lackey, Gustave (Alexandre Leveille) manages to be both stupid and sincere, turning in an almost show stealing performance. 

Richard Nicolas Villeneuve as Miles Hendon is searching for his long lost love Edith (Genevieve Bastien) who wields a wicked rolling pin saving the day.  He meets and befriends Edward posing as the beggar boy delivering his songs in a robust tenor while Ms. Bastien adds some flirty humor to the proceedings.

It was a brilliant move to cast two ladies in the leads as they are terrific and believable with strong voices.  It was wonderful to be able to care what happens to them, despite the translations sometimes going haywire.  It was an easy pleasure to follow the story line enacted by an expert cast with a score that could one day become a classic.

I encourage you to support Montreal theatre.  We have an ocean of bilingual talent in this corner of the world, let's get out there and see it!

Save me a seat, will ya??


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