Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Writing Challenges at the OWG

Last night I submitted a piece to the the online writing group's June Writing Challenge. We had to pick one of three photos and one of three themes and then write a short piece (up to 1000 words) based on whatever those two prompts...er...prompted.
It was the first time I'd written something for this event. I really enjoyed it.

I've only ever used a photo prompt once before, on author Ian O'Neill's site, both times, to my great surprise and delight, the story ideas hit me right away.

I find it fascinating how our minds can piece together something so quickly after just looking at a picture. I also find it very interesting how I knew immediately which of the three photos would best inspire. Now, I'm not saying what this method will always work but I'll always keep it in mind, especially when my ideas get blocked and I need a little inspiration. You never know what you'll end up writing about!

Unfortunately, I can't tell you which photo and theme I chose, nor can I give you the story's title, because our identities are hidden. However, I can say that the voting will take place at the end of June and I'll let you know how my story fares.

What I'd like to know is what sparks creative ideas for you?

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