Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My daughter Emily Murphy - published.

What a proud and emotional moment to be handed a copy of PROJECT CLOVE - Centennial Regional High School Anthology, a book that is so much more than just a book. It's an emotional out-pouring of thoughts and ideas, memories and truths from teens aged 13 - 18 who are reaching out with their words in the hopes of changing lives.

Emily's "I Can't Put a Title to This" is a piece of Slam Poetry that describes a friendship from it's hopeful start to it's startling end and is part of the collection.

The Anthology is a testament that young people really do care about the world, about their families and about their place in this every-changing universe. The world may be evolving in a way that sometimes feels like we can't keep up, especially with technology and the demands of our fragile world, but this collection reminds us that our children, however intelligent and independant, still need guidance, understanding, positive role models and most importantly, love and acceptance.

The anthology was made possible by Youth Fusion Jeunesse in association with Centennial High School and Concordia University.

The book launch is tomorrow night and I most certainly will be there!

Congratulations Emily, I'm very proud of you.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing news!! Huge congrats to Emily! Wow, just wow! Fanstastic!

So do WE get to read the poem?? Or can we purchase the anthology to support the cause? Details! :)

Enjoy the launch party and tell us all about it. Way to go Emily!!!!!

Megan said...

That is fantastic! Congrats Emily!

Lisa Forget said...

Thanks so much gals you're very sweet!!

I'll find out more at the book launch and let everyone know if/where the anthology will be available!

:) Lisa

Pat Hollett said...

Look at you blogging now. That's fantastic!

As for Emily's poem, well you know already I think its amazing and brilliant and very emotional.

You have wonderful daughters with unique gifts and talents and its easy to see they get it from their Mom!

Congrats to Emily! And congrats to you on your blog! I'll have to link you to mine. Hopefully I'll start finding time for it again soon. :)

Lisa Forget said...

Well you know, I'm always following your lead. You spark all the good ideas. I'd be crazy not to follow suit!!! :)

Life's short and we got to celebrate all the positive stuff. So I really appreciate your lovely comments Pat.

You're a gem.
X Lisa

Anonymous said...

The book is available through Centennial Regional High School. All you have to do is email: She is the one incharge of the compilation and distribution of Project Clove.