Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The End is Near....

No, not "The End", the end of the school year!

On June 23rd, my youngest daughter Megan graduates from elementary school. She's thrilled about it because she's so ready to move on to high school (aka Middle School) I am too, both for her and for me. Because when Megan graduates, so do I.

After ten years of volunteering with the PPO (Parents' Participation organization), the end of my time at Terry Fox School is done. Our team will be serving up a Hot Dog lunch that day and it'll be the last time I stuff a bun in that kitchen!

There's a part of me that feels like I accomplished something that makes me proud and happy - having taken an active part in helping my children's elementary school.

Then, there's a part of me that feels sad. I'll miss all the wonderful friends I've made and students I interacted with while being involved in fundraising, school trips, concerts, musicals, plays, sharing Turkey Dinners with the whole school at Christmas, Lunches with Santa, monthly dances, and one of my favourite activities - directing the school choir. I only did that for a few years but what fun we had - especially when we visited the seniors' residences AND when we recorded a CD in a professional studio. All the kids in the graduating class this year were part of that choir. Actually, when I think about it, they were in Kindergarten when they joined. Wow...

Speaking of Graduates, once again this year I have the pleasure of preparing them to sing a few songs for the Grad. Here are the songs they'll be singing:

"Here's to the Future" - from a musical we did several years ago called "Dig It"

"Today I'm Gonna Try and Change the World" - a simple yet powerful song written by Johnny Reid.

And last but not least, and maybe even a tad surprising is "Firework" by Katy Perry - with choreography - oh, yeah! A positive and empowering song about letting one's individuality and talents shine.

Those kids are going to knock their parents' socks off! :)

I've gained so much from being part of my three daughters' journey through elementary school - experience, knowledge, friendship - are but three things that come to mind, yet there's so much more. The memories shared are priceless. I'm so happy that I stuck with it.

People ask what I'll be doing with all my "free" time. Does a mom (or dad) really ever have free time?? I think to myself and smile.

I simply answer, "I'm going to write."

Thanks for the memories Terry Fox School and community. It's been a blast!

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, I loved your blog,

I have only known you for, 5yrs time does fly....I can't begin to express how much you will be missed at TF and how grateful I am to have met you. I look forward to our last official TF lunch with the kids. I know that I feel I am a better person since I met you and that is something I am sure most who have met you feel. God Bless you and your wonderful caring talented family, who also deserve a great pat on the back as there has always been at least one other than yourself that has helped us at TF...I love you Lisa! Xoxox Wendy Lancaster