Friday, September 9, 2011

Social Networking and Reconnecting with Blasts from your Past

After some thought, I know who to blame for my addiction to Facebook-- Christy Taylor!

Christy is a dear, talented, generous, wonderful friend who I met during our time with Les Miserables. She's my theatre sista! And one of the best and most dynamic vocal teacher/coaches in Toronto! A few years ago she emailed me, saying I just had to get on Facebook because many of our theatre friends had joined and everyone was reconnecting.

Facebook? What the heck was that?? LOL! I would soon find out.

After hearing more about it, I couldn't pass up the fun. I logged on, uploaded a profile picture and within hours friends found me and I found them, too. It's been such a wonderful experience.

Most recently, I had the wildest thing happen. I received a friend request from someone I played music with when I was 16! Mars was the lead guitarist for our rock band called "Paradox". I'd lost touch with him and the rest of the band once I graduated high school and entered CEGEP (college). There were no quarrels, no unamicable band break-up, just a group of young adults heading down their separate paths.

Over the years I have wondered about the four other members of the band. I mean, before joining their group I was singing in the choir and performing ballads by Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion in shiny pink dresses, so of course the experience of singing rock tunes with four cool guys with guitars strapped to their backs and drumsticks in their pockets, while belting out songs by Pat Benatar and learning how to play bass (for a couple of songs), would leave an impression and some wonderful memories.

So...when I received the "friend" request, I was floored! It took a second to realize I hadn't exchanged one word with this person in 30 years!

30 years....WOW. Definitely, a blast from the past!

Thanks to the wonder of cyberspace and the popularity of social networking, we have reconnected. Not only have we exchanged messages and kudos for the accomplishments we've made over the years - we're also collaborating on a song to mark our reconnecting.

With the help of my longtime collaborator and husband Shawn I will soon be laying down the vocals for a song Mars Alexander and I wrote.

"Making Music in the Night"
Lyrics by Lisa Forget
Music by Mars Alexander

Shawn says Mars' music has a great "hook" so I'm thinking we did good!

I'll update you on the song's progress.

Thank you Christy for making sure I "got with the times" and hooked me up with Facebook! :) I'd also like to thank you for making sure this writer and avid reader is up-to-date with technology....I LOVE MY KOBO E-READER!!!! You're too generous. You're an angel!!! xx

Wonderful stories of finding friends and reconnecting happen all over Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.

Do you have a story you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about it!

Take care my blog-hopping friends!


Anonymous said...

Funny how things happen. And now look what it's inspired you to do! :)
You have a very rich life Lisa with wonderful friends, new and old. :)

Lisa Forget said...

You are so right about the friends in my life...I am blessed! One day, you, Pat and I and a few other OWG-eebie friends are gonna finally meet and boy are we going to have some fun!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by Tammy!

Falcata Times said...

Strangely enough I've not so much reconnected with people from my past as made more friends round the world with FB. Its great when you find others with similar interests especially when they share them with you.

Great post Lisa, thank you.

J D Waye said...

Great post, Lisa. Facebook has reconnected me with long-lost friends and relatives, and opened a window into the inner circle of new internet friends. It's cool that someone would remember you from 30 years ago, and seek you out. But then, you're talented, nice, and amazing, so I'm not surprised.

Angela Addams said...

Yeah, I'm not big on reconnecting with folks from my past...but I have made a lot of great web-friends via twitter and fb...perhaps not anyone I'll ever get to meet but tons of folks who are so supportive and fun to joke with that that doesn't really matter.

Lisa Forget said...

Thank you for dropping by everyone!
I agree with you Gareth, Dianne and Angela, the internet has been a great way to meet new people. Look how lucky I've been in virtually meeting all of you!
As I said before, I am blessed!!!
:) Lisa