Friday, February 25, 2011

Pull Me Out From Inside

Pull Me Out From Inside
by Lisa Forget

The music takes hold of me. I can do nothing but listen as it sweeps me away, one note at a time. The piano is slightly out of tune. The dissonance is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Poety entwines its rhymes with the musical lines and together they steal the breath from my lungs. I close my eyes. I see stars. I dream.

My emotion takes on colour and paints my mind's canvas with rich purples and blues and wisps of haunting shadows. Music builds, emotions swell until every colour dances with the light of the sun and moon and creates perfect harmony.

A stringed instrument cries a note of longing that pierces my soul. It fills my head with sober musings. I'm so happy I weep.

My tears fall in time with the chimes of the music box that has drifted in like a ghost from the past. It mends the hole in my heart.

The song pulls me out from inside.

I am forever haunted by it.

Never let it end.

Inspired by my love for "Colorblind" by The Counting Crows

God bless songwriters.


livyparker said...

Bravo Lisa for the blog!

It's lovely to see how music inspired you to write something so beautiful :)

Casi said...

Congrats on starting your own blog. Hopefully you'll be more regular than I am.

I love the beautiful music inspired post. I could hear i a haunting melody in my head (though I don't think it was the same one as I don't even know the song you mentioned, but that gives me something else to look up).

I look forward to seeing what you post next week.

Lisa Forget said...

Thank you Livy and Casi for dropping my my blog and for your lovely comments!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend,

Anonymous said...

Love the theme of your blog, and really enjoyed your posts. :) Big hugs and can't wait to read more from you!

Julie said...

beautiful, thanks for sharing.


Lisa Forget said...

Thank you Tammy and Julie for dropping by! Have a wonderful Sunday! :)