Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Production Assistant - I hope to never live without one again!

Trevor Barrette, himself a multi-talented actor, singer, writer, director, producer and I'm sure so many other things as well, accepted to be our Production Assistant for our workshop and presentation of Danny Boy.

What a lucky day that was....

A good friend of both my co-creator Chris Barillaro, and our workshop director Jonathan Patterson, I had no idea how much I would come to appreciate this wonderful and talented person, and his dedication to our project.

I woke this morning with the plan to devote my day to working on the show. With coffee in one hand and laptop in the other, I set myself up on our deck, ready to "get down to it", when I opened up my inbox to find GOLD!

By gold, I mean all the notes and changes that transpired during the workshop process.

As a writer, you hope to capture all the subtle adjustments to your script while the actors, director and musical director are working on the stage in front of you, but in the moment, moved by seeing the script & score come to life, it wasn't always the case. My script may be all marked up with notes, but the details Trevor sent is making my job a lot easier!

This might be part of a very long list of what a Production Assistant does, but from someone who has never worked with a PA, this information is... invaluable.

Thank you Trevor!

And congratulations on...
The Montreal Fringe Festival 
2015 Frankie Awards
Most Promising English Company 
(Segal Centre for Performing Arts)
Captain Aurora: A Superhero Musical 
(Kaleidoscope Theatre Montreal)
book, music, lyrics by Trevor Barrette
orchestrations by Chris Barillaro
vocal arrangements by David Terriault
directed by Trevor Barrette

Be who you are. Do what you do. Make it matter.
Have a beautiful Sunday,

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