Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest List for "I've Got Company!" The Summer Guest Series

I’m thrilled to announce my guests for "I've Got Company!" The Summer Guest Series scheduled Fridays from August 5th to 26th.

Maryse Dupuy and Emily Murphy—teen writers and avid readers—talk about writing, their recognized work and what they look for when browsing their local bookstore.

Alison Armstrong—personal assistant to New York Times Best-Selling author Kelley Armstrong—gives us an insight on how PA's help authors focus on their writing

Lea Schizas—award-winning author and MuseItUp publisher—tells us a little about the many roles she plays in today’s book publishing industry.

Frayne McCarthy - Actor, singer, director, musical theatre lyricist/creator, longtime friend and colleague (he represents the crossover of my two creative worlds - music and writing) talks about writing musicals.

I've Got Company coming and I hope you'll join us!


Pat Hollett said...

I will definitely stop by when I can. I wish I knew what times you were doing this. Is there a set time or will it be a blog posted after the interview?

Lisa Forget said...

Hi Pat,
I'll post the "visits" with each Friday guest at about 6am that day.

The schedule has finally been confirmed, we have the teens on tomorrow, Alison Armstrong Aug 12, Frayne McCarthy Aug 19 & Lea Schizas Aug 26.

I'm really excited about this!