Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another step in the editing of Deathly Quiet

Line edits done and now Deathly Quiet is on its way to be formatted. Thanks to Christine Speakman and Ellee Braun, both wonderful MuseItUp editors, who helped me take my gothic-style, dark piece of fiction to another level.

When I joined the online writing group at Kelley Armstrong's website, I never knew just how much I'd learn there. Honestly, I was nervous when I offered up my first monthly piece for critiquing but I'm happy I overcame my anxiety to participate because it was the beginning of an invaluable experience.

Thanks to other writers reading and critiquing my pieces it was less of a shock when Christine and Ellee began editing my work. Although, the process was different - with comment bubbles and tracking notes - having seen my work "red-penned" by OWG members,I felt more confident in my communications with my editors. It made the process easier for this "newbie".

Every day I learn something new in this business of telling stories. I'm happy to absorb all I can to better hone my skills. As a singer, I vocalize and interpret new songs to stretch those musical muscles, as a writer, I read and write, and read some more.

The next book I plan to read is entitled "Sin and Syntax" by Constance Hale. Ellee suggested it. I'll be sure to pick it up on my next visit to Chapters.

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